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  • 2 times cheaper than Internet Marketing Agencies
  • 2 gifts before 1 November: SMM and website improvement
  • 2 rates to choose from: monthly fee or payment by result


About Me


My name is Ivan Pestryakov! Currently I am living and studying in New York, a consultant for the development of the American company Free Mayflower Inc., and is the founder of the "Laboratory of internet marketing SePool».

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What distinguishes my approach from SEO-agencies?

Ivan Pestryakov

  • Your website is one in a million

    My team and I spend at least 150 hours per month for each project. We carry out the selection of personal promotion tools based on an in-depth website audit. After all, I am financially responsible for the result!

  • 2 times cheaper than agency rates

    I personally promote your site. I engage other experts only if necessary. If your text is clumsy, I apply to a copywriter; If you need to improve the coding, I employ a programmer. Result: the price is 2 times lower than in the agency. And the result is better.

  • 100% result

    For your project, I offer my reputation and as you are probably well aware, this is the most expensive thing in the business. Nobody will continue to work with a person who has a "bad reputation". You have clients - I have a job.


  • “Line production”

    Your site gets into the flow of tens of other projects and passes through standard and unfortunately not always efficient promotion stages. At the same time the agency shrinks from responsibility (See below "It’s none of our business ").

  • “Biting prices"

    Agency employs excess staff: accountants, sales managers, HR-managers, etc. Plus office rent. Plus other corporate expenses. All this affects the cost of services.

  • “It’s none of our business"

    No result? The agency shrugs and tells tall tales about the sudden change in search algorithms.

Why am I so sure of the result that I give financial guarantee?

Why am I so sure of the result that I give financial guarantee?

Why am I so sure of the result that I give financial guarantee?

I have already doubled web traffic for 117 companies

I have already doubled web traffic for 117 companies

Among them:

I’ve completed a full training course on website promotion in

I’ve completed a full training course on website promotion in "Top Expert"

One of the top three graduates.

I’ve built a team of competent and experienced Russian professionals

I’ve built a team of competent and experienced Russian professionals

(see section "Team" below).

I’m promoting not more than 10 projects at the same time

I’m promoting not more than 10 projects at the same time

I answer for each project with my wallet.

I have been creating and promoting websites for 10 years

I have been creating and promoting websites for 10 years

Results of my work:

Client feedback: 

Grigory Pronin

“I have more clients now. Costs for work with Ivan have been repaid!” Grigory Pronin


Dmitry Smal

Dmitry Smal


He has been professionally developing websites since 2008. More than 200 successful projects. He has developed his own full-featured CMS, web-studios system.

Natalia Bervialle

Natalia Bervialle


8 years’ experience, three foreign languages: English, French and German Extensive experience in a variety of projects: interpreting at exhibitions and business conferences, interpreting at Alpine Skiing World Cup broadcast in Austria, tour guiding on cruise ships, video clips and video interviews translation, as well as content translation in such spheres as Internet technologies, SEO, mass media, law, banking, financial research etc.

Samantha Andrus

Samantha Andrus

English Copyrighter

Samantha Andrus has been a freelance writer and marketer for over 8 years. She strives to provide the highest quality possible for Fortune 500 companies. She continues to grow and strive for the best possible results. She loves freelancing as a full time job.

Roman Cherepkov

Roman Cherepkov

Expert in copywriting

3 years’ experience in copywriting.
He has written 567 selling texts for 315 companies. Record: a text to the value of 6 500 rubles brought a profit of 920 000 rubles.




23 years old. He has been working in copywriting since 2012. Andrew has written thousands of SEO texts, press-releases, advertising and news articles.

Olga Grinevich

Olga Grinevich

Content manager

She has performed SEO on more than 20 projects. She is responsible for technical and informational content of websites and social media groups.

Evgeny Prokopov

Evgeny Prokopov

Semantic expert

3 years' experience
More than 1,500 selected semantic kernels of different volumes ranging from tens to tens of thousands of requests for sites of various levels, from one page landing websites to large resources such as,,,,,,

Igor Golovin

Igor Golovin

Speaker, video and audio editor

6 years' experience
Over the years he has successfully completed about 1,000 media projects on sound recording, assembling and creating animated videos for companies such as Nescafé, L'Oréal, Tesla, ASUS, Sanofi, Mail.Ru Group and many others.

Darya Skvortsova

Darya Skvortsova

Head of copywriting department

More than 3 years' experience in different teamworking. She has 2 higher education that enable to take responsibility for the establishment of high-quality content, as well as the most effective and at the time to carry out tasks.

Roman Hasvell

Roman Hasvell

Web Designer

6 years' experience in graphic design. He had worked in offset printing, outdoor advertising, television, corporate identity, promotional materials, physical and digital media. He has responsibility in graphic support of diverse projects and activities in the field of sport, showbiz, IT, catering, nightclubs.

Rate plans:


Fixed rate

from 550$
Till 100 requests

Every month you invest the same amount in promotion


  • we select keywords;
  • get your approval;
  • determine the value of promotion on selected words;
  • systematically increase your website traffic;
  • you pay once a month on a 100% prepayment basis.


The cost does not depend on the amount of traffic. For example, you pay 500$ for 2 000 visits in the first month of promotion and 500$ for 4000 visits in the fourth month.

За результат


from 500$

You pay a minimum base rate cost, which will be increased only based on the results.

This type of payment is for you if:

  • a list of your products or services can be described by a small number of requests.
  • you are planning to promote separate groups of goods or services.
  • you are interested in creating brand awareness.


Traffic growth entails promotion cost growth. For example, if you pay 500$ in the first month, then in the third month the price may rise up to 1000$.


Search engines positions
Traffic increase

If you want examples of detailed reports, enter your email and you’ll get them in a minute

Order your website promotion until November 1 and get 3 services as a gift:

Comprehensive website makeover

Comprehensive website makeover

In addition to purely technical improvements of a site, we will improve (if necessary):

  • website’s structure to make it more understandable to visitors;
  • navigation to shorten a path from entering a website to making an application / a call;
  • texts to make them "sell".
Social media promotion

Social media promotion

  • Do you already have a social media group? Excellent! We’ll take on its promotion and draw new clients.
  • No groups? Then we will create them from scratch.
Creating and maintaining a YouTube channel

Creating and maintaining a YouTube channel

(for fixed-rate payments)

Every month we will translate an English-language video related to your topic into Russian and post it on YouTube. It is an additional traffic source from the most popular video hosting in the world!

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